Accessory breast tissue in the axilla

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Ectopic or accessory breast tissue is most commonly located in the axilla, though it may be present anywhere along the milk line. Development is hormone dependent, similar to normal breast tissue. These lesions do not warrant any intervention unless they produce discomfort, thus their identification and distinction from other breast pathologies, both benign and malignant, is essential.

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Background: Various methods for correction of accessory axillary breast tissue have been proposed, including simple excision, diamond-shaped excision, a Y-V technique, and lipoplasty. Objective: We present an effective method for correction of a prominent axillary mound that combines lipoplasty with excision of accessory breast tissue along the axillary transverse line. Methods: Preoperative markings included an incision within the natural wrinkle line in the axillary fold, and demarcation of areas in which lipoplasty and excision were to be performed.

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Primary carcinomas of ectopic breast tissue have been reported in only a small number of cases and the axilla was the most frequent site of the primary tumor 1. Breast tissues develop from the ectodermal ridges, also known as the milk lines, on the ventral surface of the body, which extend from the axillae to the inguinal regions and end on the medial aspect of the thighs on each side of the body 4. Embryologically, ectopic breast tissue develops as a result of failed resolution of the mammary ridge, an ectodermal thickening that extends from the axilla to the groin 5. The diagnostic procedures and therapeutic management of accessory breast carcinoma are not definitively established.

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Accessory breast tissue is a relatively common congenital condition in which abnormal accessory breast tissue is seen in addition to the presence of normal breast tissue. This normal variant can present as a mass anywhere along the course of the embryologic mammary streak axilla to the inguinal region. Most women are unaware of their accessory breast tissue and it is detected incidentally on a mammogram.

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Commonest cause of disturbed axillary aesthetics is aberrant breast tissue. Our study presents 24 consecutive patients with axillary breast or lipomas, treated with liposuction alone or excision with limited liposuction of axillary folds and dog ears; between and Optimum aesthetic outcome was due to i Pre-op marking in maximum abduction ii Elliptical excision of apical, hairy skin in the direction of maximum laxity irrespective of location of axillary breast iii Raising thick flaps to avoid tethering of the scar iv Meticulous dissection to preserve nerves, axillary pad of fat and lymph nodes, v Limited liposuction under vision to sculpt axillary folds and dog ears, vi Suturing in position of maximum abduction, vi Stretchable tape for dressing instead of pressure garment suitable for unique shape of axilla.

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Correspondence Address : Dr. Ectopic breast tissue can present in any part of the body except normal breast region. Ectasia of the breast is a condition where the lactiferous ducts are dilated and blocked by secretions.

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Supernumerary breast or polymastia is a well-documented anomaly of the breast and commonly presents along the embryonic milk line extending between the axilla and groin. Reported incidence of accessory breast is 0. During 2 years period, we encountered only two cases out of twenty cases of axillary lumps.

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There is also the possibility of accepting book reviews of recent publications related to General and Digestive Surgery. The Impact Factor measures the average number of citations received in a particular year by papers published in the journal during the two receding years. CiteScore measures average citations received per document published. Read more.


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